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Custom High-End & Creative Solutions For Your Home Remodeling

Home renovation is a huge project to tackle on your own. That's why you need trustworthy professionals to guide you through an entire endeavor and offer you only the best solutions for your home. If you've been considering several options but you're not sure which would work best in your home, Ran Leemore has some of the basic guidelines to offer. Being a family man who loves to help and make his clients happy, Ran will always try to provide you with high-quality products as well as custom high-end and creative solutions for your home. The following suggestions will certainly make the entire project less stressful, and allow you to gain a better perspective of the home remodeling itself. From high-end solutions to creative ideas, Ran offers you several options that will fit in perfectly in anyone's home.

Complete Home Renovation

When you start thinking about a complete home renovation, you should know that the process will be long and daunting. However, if you choose Ran Leemore to be your contractor, you'll have a fuss-free remodeling. Being an honest and trustworthy contractor, with Ran everything will go smoothly, and the entire remodeling will be as easier for you as possible. Whether you want to create the space of your dreams from scratch, or maybe upgrade the in-law suite, a complete renovation will be too big a hassle. You'll need to get the city permit, pass the inspection, and take an array of other actions that will not be within your area of expertise. That's where Ran jumps in. From navigating the city permit process to keeping you informed, and making sure your home passes the final inspection, we’ll do everything for you. Not to mention we'd offer amazing ideas about turning your previously monotonous kitchen into a true gourmet heaven or expanding your backyard into a fabulous outdoor oasis of haven.

Kitchen Remodeling

Are you thinking about upgrading your kitchen? You’re not satisfied with the current look, and you’d like to improve its style slightly? You’ve come to the right place. We can help you perform the ultimate kitchen remodel and create a perfect sanctuary for everyone who loves to chop, slice, and dice. To get the perfect high-end look in your kitchen, we would recommend changing the fixtures. From faucets, taps to doorknobs on the cupboard, swapping your dated fixtures for new shiny gold ones can add thousands of dollars to your kitchen look. Having a gourmet kitchen in your home will also make everyone want to spend more time in your newly remodeled food-making haven. Add new hardware, a countertop, and a sink for a dramatic new look. All of that and much is possible with Ran Leemore, as he’ll offer you affordable high-end designs that will transform your home in a blink of an eye.

How about introducing a breakfast bar with modern new stools? Having a breakfast nook or counter seating will offer more options and make your space more inviting. On top of that, it can create a fabulous divider between the kitchen and living room area, in your open floor plan house. We warmly recommend built-in, booth-style seating for limited space. Bar stools and a dining ledge on the edge of your island are a great option when you don't have enough space for regular seating.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are always on the list for remodeling because, somehow, you can update them every few years. From replacing the dingy old tiles to swapping your dated sink for a more modern one, you can start your bathroom remodel immediately and not finish in weeks. For a high-end creative bathroom solution, we suggest you incorporate light olive-green tiles and a compact square shower into your bathroom design. Follow up with brass or gold shower fixtures to make the entire interior look incredibly posh. Terrazzo countertops in combination with a new sink and a round mirror with a gold frame will add value to your home while also making it look like it came straight out of the interior design magazine.

Lighting is also crucial in every bathroom, so consider updating the fixtures. How about you add a full bank of windows? Maybe cut in a skylight too. Designing your lights to work in zones is another creative high-end solution to bathroom remodel that will make your washroom look classy and be the ultimate oasis of relaxation. Incorporating custom work into your bathroom design would also be a wonderful solution. Think custom cabinets built with clever storage, mixing beautiful stone and tile throughout. From custom vanities to custom fireplaces and marble custom cut for sinks, you can ask for a myriad of elements, and we will deliver the best possible work for you.

Office Remodeling

Working from home has become our daily routine in the previous year. That’s why having a fully-functional home office is a must for most of us. If that’s the case with you too, you’ll need an office space that allows you to be comfortable and productive at the same time. Only With a well-designed home office can you have the kind of space that lets you get plenty of work done from the convenience of your own home. Start with painting the walls a light shade of yellow for the utmost productivity. Alternatively, white walls will work too, making your room brighter than before. You’ll need a desk that is the perfect size for every project, but also that will look like it belongs there and is not too massive.

We can offer you our best custom work services and create the ultimate office design to help you become more productive than ever before. With a comfortable sofa in the corner, you’ll have a little nook to take a break, unwind and enjoy your afternoon cup of coffee. Putting a dark armchair in another corner will create the perfect contrast to light walls and bright furniture.

Outdoor Living

A pleasant, comfortable outdoor space that'll help you unwind in the afternoons and nights sounds like the heaven itself, doesn't it? If you have a plain grassy yard, you can allow us to be creative with it and design a space where you’ll want to spend every free minute. Have you thought about adding a fence to your property? Not only will it add value to it, but a fence will also make the entire house look more visually pleasing. We can also help you create an outstanding outdoor kitchen where you can have outdoor parties and use all the outdoor space to your advantage. How about installing hardscaping? If you wonder why, we’d say because it’s a great way to provide the base for a larger grill setup. Ran Leemore loves to see people having a good time and staying happy, so he’ll always recommend an outdoor nook where the entire family will enjoy spending time together. Add preparation stations and seating for the family or guests, and you'll have a wonderfully decorated outdoor living area for an entire family to enjoy.

Outdoor Pool Area

If you have a large backyard, adding a swimming pool is absolutely a must, when speaking of high-end solutions for home remodeling. Not only will you have a relaxing place to enjoy the sunny days at, but also another part of the home that will increase the property's value drastically. If you want a luxurious outdoor pool area that’s convenient to the house but also takes full advantage of the views around you, you’ve come to the right address. You can swim laps or relax in the built-in hot tub and enjoy the fantastic view from the pool. Can you imagine a more soothing and relaxing setting? We think not!

Creating a pathway from the backdoor of your house to the pool, with versatile pavers, will create a perfect visual effect, while also making walking from one point of the property to the other much better. Furthermore, use the pavers to create a small patio and make your outdoor living space that more convenient.

Final Thoughts

Performing a home renovation is anything but easy. It'll require time, money effort, and a lot of patience. That's why you should trust professionals to make the most of your home renovation and remodeling. We know exactly how to handle even the most demanding tasks and create a safe haven for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. Forget about stressing out about fixtures not arriving in time or about permits not being granted yet, we'll do everything for you and allow you to go through the period of renovation carefree. Whether you need to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor space, the office, or you want to work on a complete renovation of your home, you can knock on our door, and we'll be happy to offer you top-notch services.

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